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French Egg, the only pore care product I use!

Arencia’s French Egg is a CP Cleansing Pack that has been cured for at most 60 days in room temperature. The label says that its main ingredient is French Pink Clay, which is highly effective for deep pore cleansing.

The package shows how to use French Egg as a facial mask.

  1. Work up a rich lather using your hands and leave the foam over the face and neck for a minute
  2. Press firmly with your hand so that micro bubble cleanse within the pores (optional)
  3. Gently rinse off with warm water.

It sounds quite easy. I had a difficult time counting one minute so I asked Siri to set the timer for a minute.

French Egg has been clinically tested for its pore refining qualities. It has also been tested to be hypoallergenic and safe to use for sensitive skin. It contains BioDTox, which is a trademarked pore refining and pore tightening ingredient. It also prevents aging in the skin, cleanses the pores, reduces sebum, and gently exfoliates the surface of the skin.

French Pink Clay, on the other hand, is known to be very effective in absorbing sebum and dirt within the pore. Ultimately, this French Clay acts as “suction” for all the dirt, waste, and makeup residue sitting on the skin so that your skin can better absorb the skincare products we use daily.

If you suffer from skin inflammation, acne, or skin break outs, French Egg can be beneficial for you. The Houttuynia cordata is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory ingredient that specifically targets acne and break outs.

The product comes with a bubble net. I recommend using the bubble net to see which kind of foam you prefer. I didn’t expect the product to come with a bubble net so I was pleasantly surprised.

As soon as I worked up French Egg, I got a rich lather that felt soft. The texture of the bubbles is very tight and dense that it feels like I’m poking a mochi.

Play the video to see how it felt like on my skin!

I used French Egg for 7 days so far.

Before I started using French Egg, I had a rash on my forehead. My biggest skin cocern was definitely having large pores around my nose and T zone.

On the first day, I still had the rash but I could tell that my skin was getting smoother.

3 days since I used French Egg, I noticed that the rash was starting to disappear around my nose. My nose used to feel bumpy from the whiteheads and blackheads, but it got a lot smoother. The pores around my nose area were becoming a lot less visible compared to the first day.

After a week of using French Egg, I could tell that the pores in my nose became visibly smaller. Before trying it out myself, I was hesitant about purchasing French Egg. I can confidently say that my skin surface improved dramatically. The bumpy blackheads and whiteheads disappeared and my pores feel tighter.

I’ve been using French Egg for only 7 days so far. I’m a stay at home mom and I get really stressed out from housework. My skin didn’t seem to get better, until I started using French Egg. My pores shrunk and my pimples faded in the span of one week. More importantly, my skin texture improved so much.

I’ll keep on using French Egg. I’m highly satisfied so far and would definitely recommend it to my friends!