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Cleansing Pack: Arencia French Egg


I purchased this cute egg-shaped CP soap in the hopes that it will save my pores. French Egg is a hypoallergenic CP cleansing pack made with only natural vegan ingredients. Ever since it started getting warmer, my skin has been producing more oil and sebum and I could feel my pores widening. I found out about French Egg from a Korean skincare info website.

French Egg could be used as a daily cleanser and as facial wash off mask. It’s pink because it contains real French Pink Clay. French Pink Clay contains large amount of silica which is effective in sebum control and absorption, and unclogging pores.

I used French Egg with the bubble net that came with the product. In the morning, I lathered French Egg with my hands and in the nighttime, I used it after removing point makeup. I’m a fan of heavy coverage foundation and I always use primer so it’s important for me to find a cleanser that’s strong enough to cleanse all the makeup residues but also mild enough to not strip my skin.

French Egg was much more potent than expected. When using French Egg, I didn’t even have to use cleansing tissue to wipe off the foundation. I only used a Lip and Eye remover to erase eye makeup and I used French Egg to remove the rest.

One thing that I noticed about French Egg is the airy scent? It smells very natural and pleasant as if it has some sort of herb in it. Another pro of French Egg is that it doesn’t easily get soft or mushy like other CP bars do. However, I wouldn’t leave it unattended in a humid bathroom if you want it to last longer.

I used French Egg as a wash off bubble mask 2-3 times a week for pore tightening. Take a look at my before and after photos to see how moist and soft my face looks after using French Egg.

This photo was taken after using French Egg for the first day.

…And this photo was taken a week after. My pores were soooooo big to begin with, so I can’t say that French Egg “got rid” of my pores, but it definitely helped refine my pores and tighten it. My skin felt so soft and moist.

I highly recommend French Egg as a daily cleanser and also as a wash off bubble mask. This product is to be used every day – once in the morning before applying makeup as it will prep your skin clear and soft, and once at night to remove all makeup residues and get rid of all dead skin cells and blackheads.
I would like to recommend it to people who have acne and sensitive/oily skin!