Blogger L's Review


As I aged my pores began to stretch and get bigger. The clearest sign of aging is losing skin elasticity, which means that the skin feels looser and pores get bigger. That was my biggest skin concern because it is nearly impossible to find cleansers that don’t strip oil from the skin but exfoliate enough to rejuvenate the skin. I used Arencia’s French Egg to see for myself what the hype is with this product. After using it for a month, I noticed my skin feeling tighter and getting fewer breakouts. A lot of the time acne comes from clogged pores; I wear makeup and leave it on for at least 12 hours, I sweat like crazy at the gym, and I apply tons of skincare products. Using French Egg really helped with sebum control, acne, breakouts, and pore care. The tiny scrubs in French Egg are natural scrubs called Houttuynia cordata which has anti-inflammatory qualities. This works like magic. My nose used to be full of blackhead but now my pores shrunk considerably thanks to French Egg’s deep cleansing qualities. It works like a charm! I highly recommend it to people with acne prone skin!