Blogger G’s Review


I used French Egg for ten days so far and I’m absolutely in love with the product. French Egg removed all the waste in my pores and smoothened out my skin by getting rid of blackheads, whiteheads, and adult acne. I was looking for a cleanser that doesn’t strip my skin because I have combination skin which tends to get oily only in certain areas and extremely dry in others. The first thing I noticed was that French Egg lathers so smoothly and that it has potent pore tightening and refining qualities. My skin looks tighter and refreshed whenever I cleanse with French Egg. I used it two to three times a week as a cleansing wash off pack and noticed an instant tightening effect. I have large pores in my nose so it was most noticeable in that area. On days that I wore light makeup like sunscreen and foundation, I only used French Egg to wash my face. I could hear the sound of micro bubbles popping.

I love French Egg because unlike other CP bars, it doesn’t contain Sodium Hydroxide. It feels much smoother and gentle on the skin, yet it’s potent enough to get rid of all skin irregularities like acne, whiteheads, and blackheads.