Your Skincare Might be Wrong

Hey, Skincare Lover! How much do you know about skincare? Did you know that your knowledge about skincare could be wrong? Some skincare tips could actually be harmful to your skin, so take caution when applying these tips to your routine. Find out which well-known skincare tips you should be wary of.

You don't need to manage acne if you don’t have oily skin?

Acne is closely related to your skin’s condition, such as its moisture balance. Oily skin with active sebum secretion that doesn’t clog the pores can be acne-free. Even with little sebum secretion, pores blocked by dead skin or improper germ removal can cause acne. In other words, you can get acne even if you don't have oily skin, so it’s important to manage any possible acne.

You should spray mist whenever you skin is dry?

Moisture mist can actually be unhelpful to dry skin. The skin’s protective most outer layer is made up of keratin cells and oil, making it water-soluble. This makes it almost impossible to absorb water. On top of that, anything sprayed on water-soluble material can cause moisture to evaporate from the skin. Rather than spraying water or a strong moisture mist, it’s better to spray a mist that has hydrating ingredients, including oil.

Start with hot water and end with cold water when washing your face?

You’ve probably heard of this famous cleansing method: wash your face with hot water to open up your pores and get a deep clean, and close them up again with cold water. It’s true that warm water opens up your pores and cold water shrinks them, but when you’re washing your face and directly stimulating the skin, sudden temperature changes can actually be irritating and damaging. Because of this, rather than using excessively hot or cold water, it’s better to wash with warm or cool water that is a similar temperature to your face.

Double cleansing is a must?

In order to exfoliate oily skin that secretes a lot of sebum and oil, double cleansing is necessary. However, washing your face too often or using an irritating cleanser can lead to excessive removal of sebum, therefore accelerating sebum production. In addition, this can damage the skin’s protective top layer and weaken your skin overall. This is why it’s important to find the right cleanser for your skin type.

For oily or acne-prone skin, using a product with ingredients that absorb sebum and oil, and calm breakouts will help a lot. But, in order to reduce any irritation, we suggest using a soft, gentle cleanser. Arencia’s Fiji Egg, a deep-cleansing solid cleanser, contains activated charcoal— which gently absorbs sebum— and papain enzymes from green papaya—which effectively exfoliates dead skin. Arencia’s other cleanser, French Egg, is made with French pink clay and biodetox, and is especially useful for managing and improving pores. Both Fiji Egg and French Egg, made from only natural and vegan ingredients, can be used as a non-irritating daily cleanser and a bubble mask. So, are you ready to start a new skincare routine with Arencia’s solid cleansers? Check out both products here→