Your Makeup And Skincare Products Might Be Causing Acne

There are so many complex reasons why people get acne. In the previous post, we talked about how your lifestyle and eating habits can be a cause. However, some culprits that aren't considered often are the cleanser, face cream, concealer, etc., you use everyday! Do you use concealer, primer, and other makeup to cover up your acne and discoloration, but notice that your acne just gets worse, and the only solution is to cover it up with even more makeup? You may also notice that your face wash and acne products aren't making the situation any better either. Don’t worry! You’re not alone. It’s a vicious cycle that we're here to help you break. If you have any skin irritation or pimples, the first thing you should do is check your makeup and skincare products!

Here are 3 things you should be cautious of when using skin and makeup products:

Acne Cause #1: Misusing pore-covering concealers, primers, etc.

In theory, products that promise flawless, pore-less skin are great. The more you use, the better your skin, right? Wrong! In reality, those products can cause the exact opposite. When you cover your pores completely, there’s no way for sebum (oil that keeps your skin moisturized) to escape, causing bacteria buildup, which can aggravate your skin even more.

So, to avoid more skin issues, first things first: reduce your use of pore-clogging products. Instead, try using products that reduce irritation and oiliness. Most importantly, if you use makeup, always, always wash your face! Using cold process soaps or other hypoallergenic cleansing bars are great because they deeply cleanses your skin, leaving no residual makeup and preventing any clogged pores.

What’s the best way to use a cleansing bar? Start by making it nice and foamy. Beginning at the top, massage it into your forehead, nose, chin, and then cheeks— all the areas where sebum likes to live. Gently massaging in the same direction as your face muscles is also a good habit to incorporate into your skincare routine.

Cause #2: Using acne products too frequently

In order to improve their skin, people tend to use products marketed specifically for acne. It’s especially tempting to try well-known products after seeing the short-term, powerful effects, but this is yet another way your skin can become more aggravated. Using products with such powerful results increases the chance of irritation and other side effects. Many products make the skin barrier weaker, allowing acne bacteria to excessively irritate delicate skin and cause other unwanted skin problems. In the short-term, you can see immediate results with acne products, but in the long-term, simple misuse can make your acne worse. So make sure to avoid overusing those products for the health of your skin!

Cause #3: Using makeup with pore-clogging ingredients

In order to pinpoint the cause of makeup-induced acne, it’s very important to research which ingredients cause acne, and cross-check that list with your skin and makeup products. There are long lists of these ingredients online, but as a starter, avoid breakouts by avoiding some of these common ingredients: dimethicone, silicone, lanolin and other animal-derived oils, PEG and similar emulsifying moisturizers, and benzoic acid. In addition, cleansing oils and balms are great for removing makeup, but with the high sebum content, there’s a higher chance of your pores becoming clogged. Instead, try using cleansing soaps or bars that are moist and deep cleaning. Keep an eye out for AHA, BHA, PHA, chameleon, and bio-detox-- all common ingredients that are good for maintaining clean pores. Making it a habit to carefully check the ingredients of each product before you buy is an essential part of you skincare routine! Go ahead and check if your current products are helping or hurting your skin.

We hope this little piece of information is a big help to you in your healthy skin journey. Keep an eye-out for more posts and tips talking about the causes of and methods to improve acne.