Your Lifestyle and Diet Might be Causing Acne

If you haven’t worried about acne at least once in your lifetime, you’ve won the genetics lottery. There are many myths surrounding “the real causes of acne.” Some argue that acne is determined purely by genetics and that heavy consumption of chocolate and dairy won’t affect skin conditions; others argue that adopting vegan lifestyle is the key to clearer skin. The overarching consensus nowadays is that both genetics AND lifestyle equally weigh in the chances of developing acne breakouts.

One of the most common causes of acne is excess sebum that clogs the pores. There are many reasons that your skin overcompensate the production of oil (check out this article). Even if your acne seems like incurable, don’t be discouraged. If you understand what’s causing your acne, treating it is easier than expected.

Laura’s Story:

Since becoming freshmen, Laura only drank and ate fizzy drinks and frozen pre-packaged foods. She stayed up late at night, fueled by caffeine, chocolate cookies, and French fries. In the mornings she felt lethargic, so she grabbed sugary quick breakfast fixes like cereal and glazed waffles. She always felt bloated and tired, but she assumed it was because of the heavy workload. Everything was fine. Until one day, it wasn’t. She noticed painful red acne forming in her face like a sudden blizzard blanketing a wide landscape.

What does Laura’s acne tell about her?

Irregular Lifestyle
Understanding one’s natural circadian rhythm and getting enough sleep is important in reducing acne. When the body is deprived of sleep, it produces stress hormone called cortisol, prompting the skin’s sebaceous glands to produce more sebum. Many people notice that their acne flareups get worse when their stress levels are elevated. In order to keep stress under control, it is important to alleviate stress in healthy and effective ways. It is important to eat healthy and drink water sufficiently, exercise regularly, and get plenty of sleep. Helping your body understand that stress is an integral part of life and finding ways to effectively reduce your body’s perceived stress level will help with your mood and skin condition.

Alcohol and Coffee
Our immune system is made up of protective cells and cytokines. Alcohol is known to affect these protective cells, causing our bodies to become more susceptible to infections and inflammations. Some research concludes that alcohol might increase testosterone levels in women, which can stimulate the sebaceous gland thereby causing increased production of sebum. Since our body processes alcohol as sugar, alcohol consumption can easily cause inflammation. And although the relationship between caffeine and acne remains controversial, many people have concluded coffee as a possible trigger. Caffeine makes us feel alert, but it also haggles with our body’s stress response by heightening the cortisol level.

What Laura (and you) could do to alleviate acne breakouts is to eat healthy, drink water, find ways to alleviate stress, sleep well, and most importantly, cleanse well and hydrate.

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