What’s Your Skin Telling You About Your Body?

Because it’s easily observable, skin can act as a way to identify any health issues happening inside our bodies. The body sends a special signal if there is anything wrong. Learn in advance the signals of any health issues that you can identify through your skin, be prepared, and continue to live a healthy life!

Puffy Eyes and Worsening Dark Circles

Dark circles form under the eyes when you get more and more fatigued. Anyone working hard in this day and age can have dark circles to a certain degree, but if your dark circles are rapidly becoming abnormally dark, this could be due to a vascular disease. One symptom can be bad circulation due to blood congestion. You may also experience puffy under eyes from severe allergic inflammation.

Dark Blue or Yellow Facial Discoloration

Has the color of your face drastically changed? You should take particular caution if your face has turned a yellow-ish or dark blue-ish color. Your face color turning black and blue could be due to a circulatory disease. If the whites of your eyes have also turned yellow, this could be due to liver or kidney disease. Be sure to go see your doctor is any of these skin changes are accompanied by a sleeping disorder.

Stiff or Itchy Skin

If your blood pressure is irregularly high or you have kidney function issues, your skin can become hard and thick. If hardened skin gradually spreads from the back of your neck and upper back, this could be due to diabetes. Hardened skin may look slightly swollen and symptoms can appear on your stomach, arms, and hands. Dry or itchy skin can be due to hormonal problems, such as hypothyroidism.

If your skin is feeling different than usual, make sure you go to your doctor to get it checked out. If you unconsciously ignore small changes, particularly on sensitive, fickle skin, it can turn into a bigger issue or disease. So if your skin’s condition rapidly changes, get it checked out. Fortunately, if changes are due sensitive skin and not a serious disease or illness, it’s important to have the right skincare routine. In order to reduce skin irritation, you should use a gentle product that calms your skin. Raw Beauty Company Arencia’s solid cleansers are made from nature’s clean ingredients and created through a low-temperature fermenting process. French Egg is made with minimal processing to reduce chemical surfactants, while Fiji Egg is very effective on sensitive skin. Your skin, which is directly related to your inner health, should be carefully taken care of. Live a healthy life with Arencia’s solid cleansers! Take a look at Arencia’s natural products →