Try this in the morning for better skin

Skin doesn’t lie. You can easily see how people live depending on the condition of their skin. Small and minor habits building on each other determine the skin’s condition. Similar to our bodies, our skin needs a good night’s sleep to vibrantly start the day. If you also don’t start your morning with adequate skincare, there’s no doubt you’ll worry about the poor condition of your skin and makeup all day long. During busy mornings, a fancy, complicated skincare routine is a luxury many of us don’t have. Thankfully, there’s no need for complicated routines. Protect the health of your skin with a few simple and easy methods.

Hydration is the most important thing for your skin. In the morning, try using an easy-to-apply sheet mask for a boost of extra hydration. As the mask is working its magic, you can brush your teeth, prepare breakfast, and do other task, taking advantage of every minute of your busy morning. Depending on your needs, you can also apply eye cream or lip oils for extra care. Also, drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up is a good way to fill your skin with hydration and keep in moist.

If your face is often puffy in the mornings, then methods to get rid of swelling are a must for you. Try applying cold cream around the eyes or putting a cold, wet teabag over your eyes to reduce eye bags. Cool temperatures will help reduce any swelling. While face yoga does help you wake up, it also helps circulate blood to reduce swelling and effectively manages wrinkles. With your knuckles, gently massage your face, and open your eyes and mouth very wide. Repeating “A, E, I, O, U” is also helpful to get the blood flowing.

Even if you’re very busy in the mornings, we don't recommend skipping breakfast. Breakfast is essential to energizing your sleepy body and facilitating your metabolism. Applying coconut oil is good for improving the skin and preventing wrinkles, but you can feed two birds with one seed by adding coconut oil to your breakfast and reaping the benefits for your skin. Don’t forget to take your vitamins after breakfast. Vitamins help with skin vitality and brighten your complexion by reduce dark circles, blemishes, etc. However, it’s not good to eat vitamins on an empty stomach, so make sure you take them after eating a meal.

It’s also important to make sure your morning facial routine does not irritate your skin. While excessive cleansing may seem like the best way to extract built-up impurities, it can actually damage the important skin barrier. We recommend a gentle beauty bar product that is not harsh on the skin. Made with all natural ingredients, Arencia’s hypoallergenic French Egg and Fiji Egg are solid cleansers that gently clean your skin with weightless, bubbly foam. After cleansing, pat your face to let your skin absorb the moisture and lightly dry with a towel to maintain moisture without damaging your skin. Utilize every minute of your busy morning with these simple beauty tips to get healthy skin! Learn more here→