The Skincare Bible

When you’re looking for an answer, the last thing you want is to be swimming in a sea of complex and varied information. It’s so overwhelming that you’re willing to be spoon-fed whatever information comes your way. Does this sound like you? Has it become a habit for you to try your own skincare routine, but it becomes too complicated and difficult so you eventually give up? Have you ever been overwhelmed by the amount of unfamiliar words that pop up when you search ‘skincare’. Worry no more! When it comes to skincare, just remember these three keywords: moisture, UV rays, and cleansing.

Moisture plays an important role for your skin. Think of it as the root to making your skin nice and strong. Using a suitable moisturizer that balances your skin’s hydration is the foundation to its health. If the balance is off, your skin can easily breakout. Always keep in mind that healthy skin comes from balanced hydration. The number of products that are considered moisturizers are endless, including toner, essence, serum, emulsion, cream, etc. But, since the function of all these products is to balance the hydration of your skin, there’s no need to use them all. Depending on your skin’s condition, we recommend choosing just 1 or 2 products. Of course, the best way to find which products work best for you is through trial and error. But if that’s too tiresome, then pay attention to this next part. If you’re skin feels tight right after washing your face, use a cream to restore moisture. For most, a lotion moisturizer should be sufficient. If one part of your face is dry and another is oily, then one method is to apply cream moisturizer to the dry areas and lotion moisturizer to the oily T-zone.

Whenever you go outside, don’t forget to apply sunscreen. This is vital because UV rays accelerate aging, and are the cause of dermatitis and other skin diseases. When choosing a sunscreen, make sure to check the SPF index, which corresponds to the sunscreen’s protection index. It’s a common misconception that the higher the SPF, the better. However, a higher SPF can be more harmful and more irritating to the skin. For your day-to-day, you’re less likely to be exposed to UV rays for an extended period of time, so we recommend using a sunscreen with SPF between 20 and 35.

Finally, cleansing is the most important part to prevent breakouts and create healthy skin. This step removes dead skin, sebum, and pollutants that buildup on the skin throughout the day. Cleansing is even more necessary with the increased amount of pollution and micro-dust in the air these days. If you want to wash your face thoroughly, avoid using products that have strong cleansing power because they can actually weaken your skin. Washing your face excessively can damage the skin’s protective top layer and evaporate moisture, causing a hydration imbalance. To properly wash your face, check each and every ingredient, and choose a gentle cleanser to reduce any rubbing of the skin. Although regular cleansers remove dead skin, if you have oily skin with active sebum production, we recommend using a separate product that will remove dead skin without irritation. If you have active sebum production and your skin sheds dead skin frequently, the dead skin that remains in the pores can buildup and lead to breakouts. Instead of irritating exfoliators, we recommend using chemical exfoliators, such as AHA and BHA, to melt away any dead skin. After exfoliating, don’t forget to moisturize your skin. Also, skin is vulnerable to UV rays after exfoliation, so it’s best to exfoliate in the evening rather than the morning.

Raw Beauty Company Arencia’s Fiji Egg is a clever product that can take care of all of your cleansing needs. One of Fiji Egg’s ingredients, papain enzymes, effectively exfoliates the skin by dissolving proteins. From there, sebum-absorbing activated charcoal gives your pores a deep clean. Finally, the calming centella extract ensures your skin isn’t irritated from deep cleansing. Arencia’s solid cleanser, Fiji Egg, leaves your skin feeling refreshed, and manages dead skin and sebum in one simple product. And don't forget! Apply a moisturizer after cleansing to finish off you skincare routine. Check out Arencia’s line of simple and perfect skincare here→