Stop Abusing Plastic!

You’ve probably heard of unboxing or shopping haul videos where people unwrap package after package, revealing things they just bought. As they’re sharing their excitement with viewers, they usually talk about things like the trendy packaging. But how many people are actually thinking about all of the plastic packaging material that’s thrown away at the end of the video?

The amount of plastic we throw away daily is something we can’t ignore. Some might think it's no big deal because we can just recycle plastic, but in actuality, less than 20% of plastic is recyclable. According to a UN report, of the 400 million tons of plastic produced globally each year, 300 million tons is thrown away, and plastic packaging makes up 47% of that! For this reason, in 2018 the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) presented plastic packaging regulations and strategies to increase plastic recycling. The UNEP recommended countries either ban single-use plastic or enforce stronger plastic taxes, making it clear that every one of us should put effort into reducing plastic waste.

Countries worldwide have already begun this effort. Through regulations, Germany plans to produce eco-friendly plastic packaging and increase the recycling rate from 36% to 63% by 2022. France is taking strides by increasing taxes on plastic waste and decreasing taxes on recycled products and recycling operations. Even Korea announced plans to increase the recycling rate from 34% to 70%, and cut the amount of plastic waste in half by 2030. As consumers, we all have a responsibility to decrease our purchases of single-use plastic packaging and grow our use of eco-friendly, reusable plastic containers instead!

One company that’s actively making eco-friendly purchases possible is the raw beauty company, Arencia. By making solid rather than liquid facial products, Arencia minimizes its use of plastic bottles and packaging. Their slogan, “Raw Beauty, Made Bottleless” says it all! Check out Arencia’s skincare products here! →