Skincare minimalism, how do I do it?

We’ve been trained to think that the more products we use on our skin, the better; products like scrubs, packs, etc. In reality, skincare routines that include just a facial cleanser and a moisturizing lotion are enough. Skincare routines with a lot of steps aren’t everything. There’s an alternative, and it’s called skincare minimalism. We’re currently in the era of minimalist skincare, a secret method where people reduce the amount of cosmetic products they use to the mere essentials. Take the focus off how many products you use, and put it back on the health of your skin. Does minimizing your skin routine sound daunting? Let’s get started together!

Using one or two simple, yet fundamental, skincare products can be more effective than using various products as part of a meticulous, multi-step routine. This is because excessive use of products can actually make your skin weaker. Washing your face too much can damage the skin’s protective top layer, causing your skin to loose moisture and ultimately become weaker. On top of that, because many moisturizing products do not completely absorb into the skin, using too much can clog your pores and cause blackheads, whiteheads, and other skin issues. Especially if you’re someone who breaks out easily, you’ve probably tried a number of products that claim to be good for your skin. However, it’s important to not just rely on temporarily effective products, but to create a strong foundation of healthy skin.

Let’s start the minimizing process with the first step to skincare: cleansing. Depending on your skin type and how much makeup you wear, it’s best to use 1 -2 products. Thoroughly wash away any remaining impurities and pollutants with a nonirritant cleanser. The next important thing is moisture. There’s really no need to use various types of products such as toner, essence, lotion, cream, etc. Instead, use 1-2 products that are suitable for your skin condition. Products that correct your hydration balance can, to some extent, help solve your skin troubles as well.

If you’re ready to become a skincare minimalist, we recommend Raw Beauty Company Arencia’s solid cleansers. Arencia’s French Egg contains French pink clay and bio-detox for excellent pore management. Arencia’s Fiji Egg contains papain enzymes from green papaya and activated charcoal to effectively control sebum and oil. In addition, both are made without chemically synthetic surfactants, and are put through a low temperature ripening process to minimize the destruction of the natural ingredients, making them great, nonirritant cleansers. After deep cleansing with whichever solid cleanser works best for your skin type, all that’s left to do is apply sufficient moisture to finish off your minimalist skincare routine. Don’t let breakouts stress you out. No matter your skin type or condition, we’re on your side! Create healthy skin and a healthy life with Arencia. Check out Arencia’s line of solid cleansers here -->