Say No to Plastic with ARENCIA!

Plastic, which brought exceptional convenience to humans since its development, is now returning as a poison to the Earth. Numerous turtles, whales, and seagulls have died from eating small plastic particles floating in the ocean. The ocean’s ecosystem is being destroyed. Of the 300 million tons of plastic waste that’s thrown away each year, half of it is plastic packaging material. Plastic waste is especially a serious problem in the beauty industry. Various types of plastic material are overused just for the purpose of catching the consumer’s eye with dazzling packaging. With the current situation in mind, deep concern about the environment and the cosmetic industry lead to the creation of Raw Beauty Company Arencia. Arencia is a beauty company that strives to reduce the use of plastic and increase sustainability.

Arencia develops and produces solid facial products that reduce the use of plastic in every step, from development to production, packaging to distribution. Solid products that don’t need to be put in bottles help significantly reduce plastic use. And rather than wasting resources on over-packaging for marketing purposes and causing even more environmental pollution, Arencia focuses its investment solely on improving their products. With minimal packaging and plastic, Arencia aims to make a difference in the beauty industry where excessive plastic use is a chronic problem. Not only that, but Arencia also donates 5% of its sales profit to ocean cleaning efforts. In doing so, Arencia is both reducing plastic use and focusing on solving the current ongoing plastic problem.

Arencia’s efforts will contribute to the expansion of eco-friendly, ethical ‘green consumerism’. Ethical and conscious consumption should no longer be a choice, but a necessity. Instead of over-packaged products, give Arencia’s solid skincare line a try. Their products, filled with all natural, vegan ingredients, are a perfect substitute for those who want to consume ethical and socially conscious products. Join Arencia’s eco-friendly movement to solve our world’s plastic problem by becoming a green consumer!

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