If You Have Sensitive Skin, Read This!

Do you worry about having skin issues every time you travel? Recently, an increased number of people are suffering from sensitive skin due to drastic environmental changes. Sensitive skin is characterized as skin that negatively reacts (irritation, redness, breakouts, etc.) to various indoor and outdoor factors. Many things can cause sensitive skin, but usually a dramatic change in temperature or humidity, as well as exposure to micro-dust and other toxins, can cause the skin to become sensitive to certain ingredients in makeup. Due to the big effect of climate change, many people have gone to a dermatologist with symptoms of irritation or itchiness, particularly when the seasons change. In places where micro-dust has become an issue, like Korea and China, it’s been reported that more and more people are suffering from sensitive skin. Because of this, sensitive skin is usually acquired, so care is just as important. Creating healthy skin that doesn’t succumb to environmental changes can be resolved through fundamental skincare solutions.

If you don’t take into account your skin type, there’s a high probability you’ll use the wrong skincare methods and cause your skin to become sensitive. Sensitive skin means your skin barrier is weak. If your skin barrier is strong, your skin will not easily react to external irritants. One way your skin barrier can become weak is with excessive exfoliation or cleansing. The more sensitive your skin is, the more susceptible it is to irritants, so it’s important to avoid irritating your skin. We recommend using an irritant-free face wash that protects your skin barrier and cleanses your pores at the same time. For sensitive skin, we also recommend going on a “makeup diet” by reducing the amount of products you use. This is because the perfumes and preservatives used in cosmetics cause an immune reaction to the skin. If you use a lot of products, skin irritation and immune responses continue to occur, causing your skin to eventually become sensitive. When choosing your makeup, try to avoid products that contain irritating ingredients such as animal ingredients, artificial fragrances and coloring, etc. Decreasing any irritants is the number one priority for sensitive skin. With fundamental skincare, sufficient moisture and nutrients, and enough sleep, you’ll be able to regain the health of your skin.

For those with sensitive skin, there aren’t many stable skin days. Amid a busy lifestyle and constantly changing weather, your skin can cause you to stress. Arencia can help you worry less about your skin. In order to make a gentle face wash with less irritation to the skin, Arencia created French Egg, a solid cleanser, by using natural ingredients rather than chemical surfactants. When clinically tested, French Egg caused 0% skin irritation. Those with sensitive skin can trust Arencia’s French Egg! Try this gentle cleanser today! We’ll help you improve the health of your precious skin! Take a look at Arencia’s products here→