If You Have Dry Skin, Read This!

Are you stressed because no matter how much moisturizer or makeup you apply, your skin cracks within a few hours? Do you worry about your skin becoming flaky, itchy, and irritated? Immediately after washing your face does it feel pulled and dry? If so, there’s a high probability you have dry skin. Dry skin is prone to itchiness and irritation. If there’s an insufficient balance of water and oil in your skin, it’ll loose its elasticity, causing you to age faster. Improper care can lead to skin issues, so you must be attentive to all aspects of your skincare! Keep reading for useful skincare tips to help you stop worrying about your dry skin!

Because our skin is constantly exposed to the outside environment, on top of the skincare products we use, our lifestyle habits are also important. We all know that drinking a lot of water is essential for our health. Drinking plenty of water also plays an extremely important role in keeping dry skin hydrated. Also, eating vitamin-enriched foods like olives help maintain your skin’s moisture. And don't forget to apply sunscreen when you go out! Compared to other skin types, dry skin ages faster, so protecting your skin from the sun’s drying UV rays is an absolute must.

On top of lifestyle habits, if you want to maintain healthy skin, you need a solid skincare routine. What do you need to know about basic skincare? To start, instead of really hot or really cold water, we recommend washing dry skin with water that is a little cooler the temperature of your skin. It’s also best to avoid cleansers with emulsifiers and preservatives, as well as harsh cleaning cleansers and strong exfoliators. This is because these products remove the top layer of your skin, which helps maintain your skin’s moisture. To keep dry skin hydrated, you have to protect your skin’s top layer.

We also recommend using an alcohol-free toner. Ingredients like alcohol, mint, and menthol, which give your skin a nice cool feeling, can remove your skin’s moisture. It’s also important to build skin membranes by supplying your skin with adequate moisture to avoid further dryness. Moisturizers with a high amount of oil can help with this. We’ll let you in on a must-know skincare tip for dry skin. Try massaging cream essence into you skin! Compared to other skin types, sebum glands in dry skin are not as active, so promoting blood circulation and metabolism through massages can help with skin dryness.

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