How toxins affect your skin

What once was the Era of Wellbeing is now the Era of Detox. The topic of detox came about as interest of living healthier lives grew. Detox is mostly known as a diet method to loose weight, but did you know you should also detox for the health of your skin? In order to grab the attention of customers interested in skincare, cosmetic companies advertise products for skin improvement, such as skin elasticity, aging prevention, brightening, etc. But, if your skin cannot absorb the product’s active ingredient, then those “good” ingredients are useless. Detox is a shortcut to stop wasting products and start protecting the health of your skin. It’s about removing toxins from the skin and improving your its regenerative power. If that’s the case, what should you know about detox and how do you do it?

Detox, or detoxification, is the conversion of toxic substances to non-toxic substances in the body. The liver and kidneys are responsible for this detoxification process. However, depending on your body’s condition, if this process is not carried out properly, then undetected toxins can accumulate in the body. Accumulated toxins exit through the body in the form of sweat through our skin, the largest emitter of toxins. However, if you don't sweat enough or sometimes even if you do sweat, remaining toxins can accumulate under the skin. As toxins accumulate on the skin, the surrounding fluid increases, causing moisture to gather, which in turn causes your body to swell. So how do you know if there are accumulated toxins in your skin? Any of these symptoms below are urgent signs of toxin build-up.

  1. Your face swells and your skin is rough.
  2. Pores are noticeably larger than normal.
  3. Your face color becomes dull.
  4. Dark circles are darker and the whites of the eyes are bloodshot.
  5. Makeup absorbs slowly.
  6. Unexplained breakouts that don’t go away easily.
  7. Your body feels heavy and tired, and you have severe head and shoulder pain.
  8. Your unable to digest properly and you get easily fatigued.

In order to emit toxins, the most important thing is blood circulation. For harmful substances to flow into the detoxifying liver, you need to promote blood circulation. Raising your body temperature with light exercise or a bath helps get your blood flowing. Also, massaging the lymphatic glands in your face, underarms, fingertips, and toes is also helpful. When massaging your face, gently go from your eyes, cheekbone, chin, and then up to your ears. Starting from the top of your noes, massage your eye socket in an upward motion. Next, use two fingers to massage the upper and lower parts of the eyebrows outward. Pay particular attention to the lower portion of your cheekbones where lots of toxins can accumulate. Use three fingers to massage your cheekbones from your nose to the outside of your eyes in a circular motion. Finally, gently draw a ‘V’ on your chin to give it a nice massage.

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