Damaged Skin Barrier Might be Causing Acne

Just like a brick wall protecting the inside of a building, we all have something called a skin barrier to protect our skin. The 0.1 mm thick skin barrier is the uppermost layer of skin. It prevents the loss of moisture and nutrients, but most importantly shields our skin from outside bacteria and pollution. If the skin barrier is weak, skin can become easily irritated, causing problems such as acne and irritation. In order to improve the overall health of your skin, it’s important to start with restoring the skin barrier.

How do you do that? Here are two skincare habits to avoid when restoring and maintaining the health of your skin barrier:

Habit #1, Excessive washing and exfoliation

For those with oily skin, it may be tempting to wash your face multiple times a day to keep the oil at bay, or even use an exfoliating scrub to ensure a deep clean. In actuality, excessive washing and exfoliation are primary ways to damage your skin barrier. This is because the skin barrier becomes thinner with excessive washing, weakening its defenses against bacteria, the main culprit of acne, pimples, inflammation and more! It’s actually better for skin particles to fall off naturally rather than scrubbing them off with an exfoliator. If an exfoliator is a must for you, avoid any with microbeads smaller than 5 mm because this can really irritate the skin. Depending on your skin type, it’s best to exfoliate your skin once or twice a week. For irritated skin, try using gentle powder, gel, or toner cleansers.

We recommend using all-in-one products that naturally exfoliate and clean your pores at the same time. For a deep clean with no irritation, try using products like French Egg. The soft foam suds help protect and maintain the skin barrier for continued healthy skin. Last but definitely not least, don't forget to give the skin barrier the moisture it needs to stay protected by using a moisturizer.

Cause #2: Disturbing the skin's moisture balance

It's a common misconception that if you have oily skin you should avoid oil-based products. However, depriving your skin of the oils it needs leads to an imbalance of the skin's natural moisture. To make up for an imbalance, the skin may over-produce oils, which can cause excessive oiliness, clogged pores, and other skin issues. Maintaining the moisture of the skin is vital for the strength and protection of the skin barrier, and the overall health of your skin. This is why it's important for you to understand the condition of your skin in order to use the right type of products. We recommend using products with oils that hydrate the skin and strengthen the skin barrier, such as hyaluronic acid, panthenol, ceramide, and madecassoside.

As you've seen in our previous posts, there are many different causes of acne, but it's no doubt that a strong skin barrier can lead to healthier skin and decrease the chances of any unwelcomed pimples popping up. Avoiding these two skincare habits and choosing the right products with the right ingredients will put you on the path to healthier skin!

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