Cleansing micro dusts from your skin

These days, more and more cities are suffering from such high concentrations of fine dust that it’s become second nature for residents to check fine dust levels along with the weather report. Everyday on the news there are stories related to fine dust and pollution, and in some places clear, blue skies have become a rare sight. Of the different types of fine dust, those smaller than 10 micrometers are called PM (Particulate Matter) 10. Among that, dust that is smaller than 2.5 micrometers is known as PM 2.5, or ultra fine dust. This type of dust is more dangerous than fine dust because it can enter the body through your skin and respiratory tract. As a result, products that respond to fine dust, such as air purifiers, masks, foods that reduce fine dust, and cosmetics, are gaining popularity. Fine dust can cause various illnesses, but skin conditions are the most common. People with sensitive skin, and even those with healthy skin, say fine dust has caused breakouts. As a result, skincare routines that respond to fine dust are very important.

Fine dust builds up on your skin’s surface, blocking pores and aggravating acne. It also interferes with sebum secretion and blood circulation, and ultimately the skin’s ability to create new cells. In addition, the skin is exposed to various bacteria, increasing the likelihood of skin infections. To avoid any of these problems from occurring, it’s important to first block any fine dust from entering your pores. You can do this by using sunscreen every time you go outside to prevent fine dust from making direct contact with your skin. An FDA-certified mask is also a must-have. Wearing sunglasses and a hat will also help. For those days with a high concentration of fine dust, refrain from correcting or reapplying your makeup. Fine dust that is already on your skin’s surface is more likely to be absorbed deeper and cause skin issues if a layer of makeup is applied over it. On top of that, make sure you don't touch your face with your hands! This is because your hands and skin are full of bacteria caused by fine dust. Another recommendation is to dust off your clothes and hair, and wipe down items like your bag, wallet, and phone, with cleansing tissues often.

However, the most important thing is to immediately wash your face thoroughly after returning from outside. To make sure that fine dust and other impurities don’t remain on your skin, giving your pores a deep cleanse is necessary. Starting with clean hands, lather up a low-irritant, mild cleanser with plenty of foam and gently wash your face. Especially since fine dust can penetrate even the smallest of pores, we recommend using a deep cleanser that properly manages your pores. Any remaining fine dust or impurities in your pores increase your chances of acne, especially for those with oily and sensitive skin. Luckily, Raw Beauty Company Arencia developed Fiji Egg, a deep cleansing pack for oily and acne-prone skin. Fiji Egg contains highly absorbent activated charcoal to cleanse fine dust and impurities from the pores, while green papaya’s papain enzymes help to control dead skin. Finally, centella extract from pennywort calms the skin, giving your deep clean a fresh finish. Protect your skin from fine dust with Arencia’s Fiji Egg! Check out Fiji Egg deals here →