Beauty Companies Won't Admit It, But We Do Over-Package

How many products are on your bathroom counter or vanity table? Of those, how many products are in plastic containers? Overuse of plastic in the beauty industry is not a small problem. If you’ve ever bought a new makeup or skincare product, you’ve probably had to remove layers of plastic packaging just to be able to use the product. Have you ever been shocked by how much plastic trash is left behind? For a single product, cosmetic companies heavily use plastic boxes, glossy shopping bags, plastic bubble wrap, and plastic wrapping, which contribute to a large portion of the 400 million tons of plastic produced each year. According to experts, each year plastic waste causes $13 billion of economic damage!

Since the invention of plastic, our dependence on it has increased exponentially because of how cheap and practical it is to produce. It’s a well-known fact that plastic pollutes the environment, yet humans aren't able to easily give it up because of its convenience. Industries use plastic containers because it's more durable and easier to handle than paper and glass. Using plastic has not only reduced production costs for companies, but also distribution and labor costs. Because of this, the beauty industry has used product packaging as a marketing tool. However, the industry has received criticism for its heavy reliance on plastic because of how much is discarded. The first things consumers see is a product's packaging, so cosmetic companies dedicate a lot of time into developing packaging that imprints the brand's image into the consumer's mind. In particular, photos of products with colorful and impressive packaging can have a huge promotional effect on social media. Glamorous plastic packaging really does play a role in enticing customers.

But it’s time to stop accumulating hundreds of millions of tons of plastic waste each year and start reducing overuse of plastic that takes 100 years to decompose and costs tens of billions of dollars in economic damage. Plastic is convenient for us, but everyone should know that the advantages of not using plastic outweigh the disadvantages of using it. Above all else, reducing the use of plastic will improve environmental issues. Plus, by using less plastic, companies can reduce the amount of money they put into packaging and increase the quality of the product instead. Numerous cosmetic companies are joining the eco-friendly movement by participating in ‘green packaging’. Companies are increasing the amount of recyclable plastic by using colorless plastic, making single-material containers, and utilizing packing paper instead of bubble wrap. Raw Beauty Company Arencia is leading the way in the green packaging and green consumerism movements by developing solid skincare products and using strategies to minimize plastic in the packaging phase. Arencia continues to work tirelessly to solve the beauty industry’s overuse of plastic. Check out Arencia’s solid skincare products and join the movement to protect the environment!