Am I eating plastics?

In Norway, close to the North Pole, a polar bear was spotted chewing on a black plastic bag. On the coast of Spain, the body of a sperm whale was found with 30 kg (66 lbs) of plastic waste in its stomach and intestines. In England, a seal was injured from a plastic net wrapped around its neck. The video of a turtle suffering and bleeding from a plastic straw stuck in its nose shocked people everywhere.

The plastic war has begun. Plastic pollution has long been predicted, but now the earth and environment are showing us the unpredicted price of our plastic use. Plastic takes 5 seconds to make, 5 minutes to use, and 500 years to disappear. Since its creation, plastic has become a big part of our lives since it’s so easy to use and make. It’s become a product of convenience. But as we witness plastic’s harmful effects on the marine ecosystem, we have to let this concept of plastic being convenient go. According to a 2015 paper published in the scientific journal “Science”, 8 to 12.7 million tons of plastic waste was found in 192 countries as of 2010. Even more, it’s predicted that 99% of sea birds will ingest plastic particles by 2050. And it’s not just marine animals! Humans aren’t free from the attacks of plastic either. Pollution from the production and consumption of single-use plastic products can eventually threaten the survival of humans through marine life.

As a result of all this and more, a movement to regulate the use of plastic is revving up globally. There are efforts everywhere to reject single-use plastic and replace it with eco-friendly, reusable materials. If we want to improve environmental pollution, we have to decrease plastic waste by supporting the eco-friendly market. Raw Beauty Co. Arencia is actively joining this market. By developing solid skincare products, Arencia is minimizing the use of plastic in the packaging phase. Will you join us in the eco-friendly movement? Start by checking out our products!→