Behind Fiji Egg

Crafted using the finest “Food Grade” Fijian Green Papaya, activated charcoal, and Asian Centella, Fiji Egg is a powerful cleanser that works wonders on acne-prone, oily, and combination skin. While testing various ingredients known to treat acne, chemists at Arencia found that the Papain enzymes from Green Papaya have natural qualities that soothe red acne and trouble spots. Arencia sourced food grade Green Papayas from Fiji and created a master concoction with natural oils, activated charcoal, and Asian centellica to create a powerful yet gentle cleanser that targets acne-prone skin.

Green Papaya is rich in phytochemicals, minerals, and vitamins. The Papain enzyme specifically helps with scars, acne, and trouble spots.

This powerful CP facial bar is perfect for acne-prone skin that gets easily flared up from wearing foundation or clogged pores from sweating.